Andrew Aiello

Director of Photography

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Short Form


Andrew Aiello operating a video camera at night with lit trees in the background.

Born and raised in snowy Syracuse, New York, I fell in love with film while studying at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School. Very quickly, I found myself watching every movie I could get my hands on. After graduate school at The London Film School, I moved to Los Angeles to get on set.

I believe being a Cinematographer is about balancing the creative with the technical, and letting the former dictate the latter. I spent years as a grip, electrician, 1st AC, and Camera Operator, and I pride myself on my technical foundation. But, it’s the story that drives me, and I feel my strength lies in my ability to let the script, and the Director’s vision, guide my visual strategies. And I love being part of a team and being there to support my fellow filmmakers.

I am a proud member of the International Cinematographers Guild, and an honored recipient of a 2021 ICG Emerging Cinematographer Award.